Sunday, January 1, 2012

Flat Iron Adventure

AHHH!! I'm going crazy here! Alright if you found your way to my blog, your are now joining me for one of my biggest adventures. yes, it is to find a new hair straightener/flat iron. For the past few years I have purchased cheap $20.00 flat irons. As you noticed flat iron is plural, that is because I have gone through so many flat irons I have lost count. Being a young girl, it was the belief of my mother that spending a lot of money on a flat iron was a waste. Well come to do the math now, the amount of money I have now spend buying a new $20 flat iron every 6 months or so has added up that I have probably over spent the money I could have used to get a salon style flat iron. My current flat iron that I believe may have lasted me a record year has just died! yup I'm adding it to the old grave yard of cheap flat irons, also known as, the junk yard!! So I'm now on the quest for a new salon style flat iron. My only problem which one should I buy!!!! Follow me on my journey as a research the top flat irons on the market today and investigate which flat irons will work best for my hair type and not break the bank.

Opinions on your favorite flat iron are welcome. If you are in the same position on wondering what flat iron to purchase as well, you can buckle up because we are on the fast road to finding the right flat iron!



  1. We look forward to finding out what you learn as you choose the right flat iron for you! Remember--no matter which hair straightener you pick, it's important to use a good heat-protectant spray to keep your hair healthy and shiny. Please visit us at, and on Facebook, too. It's a delight to meet you! :-)

  2. Thank you! I promise to keep Best Flat Iron Reviews updated on my journey. Thanks for the support!

  3. I have the iCHI flat iron and it is the best flat iron i have had yet!! It is pretty pricey though.

    BUT!!!! there is another flat iron that costs around $50 and it is a smart straightener. It is by tool science and i break my things easily but they make their irons out of ceramic.

    I hope this helped you (;