Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Urban Decay: Eyeshadow Primer Potion

I've been absolutely dying to try Urban Decay Eyeshadow Potion Primers. They were on HauteLook one day and I decided to quickly grab them all. So what is primer? Why use primer? Primer helps eyeshadow last longer and helps prevent those nasty creases that occur after long eyeshadow use. Urban Decay is known for these potion primers and they currently come in four different variations: Sin, Original, Greed, and Eden.

Urban Decay: Eyeshadow Potion Primers Swatch
Blended in
Blended in (without flash)
These eye shadow primers help to prep, brighten, and provide all-day wear. They can also be used as primers, highlighters, or eye shadows on their own.

Sin: Sin is a shimmery champagne color, which I absolutely adore.
Original: The original formula is a sheer nude and meant to completely disappear when blended to provide the purist primer.
Greed: Greed is a gold shimmery color and would definitely make the eye pop.
Eden: Eden is a matte primer and is also suppose to be nude when blended in.

All four of these primers are amazing to have. Sin and Greed are great for when I wear shimmery eye shadows to add to the shadows effect. They have great stay power and have lasted all day without any creasing for me. My only complaint is I bought the old version of the primers, in that their packaging requires you to break open and depot the primer because it is very difficult to get it all out. If you are thinking about purchasing one of Urban Decay's primers I'd recommend purchasing the new squeeze tubes to avoid this hassle. Have you tried any of the Urban Decay Primers? Let me know which ones and what you think!


  1. i totally love these! i have the original and sin, but i want to try eden next (:

    1. i know! they are all great! hard to choose a favorite!

  2. Really useful posts with your clear swatches! I really want to tey Eden now! Great post:)


  3. I heard about the urban decay primer and have heard great things about them. Awesome that they have eyeshadow primers. I use my face primer on my eyelids, but think I definitely need to invest in some specific eyeshadow primers- I might try Urban decay out :)

    Luc X


    1. go for it and let me know what you think!

  4. thanks for the post. i myself was curious about the differences between each of these primers. i have the original one but i am curious to try out eden. i would be too nervous to use the other two though all over my eye since they are pigmented and shimmery.

    <3 rae


    1. i absolutely love eden! i may be bias since i love glitter, but sin and greed shouldn't intimate you too much! they could be worn alone primarily as a subtle eye shadow or layered with shadow for an amazing and intense night time eye! i say take a walk on the wild side and give it a shot!